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THURSDAY, 8/15/19

Well, I missed another self-imposed posting deadline, because life gets in the way. I know most of you totally get that. I’m trying to hold to my deadlines and I’ll eventually work out a system for hitting them in time.

So, nothing for the short story/serialized-fiction category for this week. But I am in the midst of composing what I think is a fun little ghost-ish story, based on a real life event that occurred a few years back. I intend to post it on Wednesday, 8/21/19.

THIS LINK will get you to that category and the handful of stories that are already there. 😛

Mrs. Dave, aka DORIAN, aka The Purple Poetess, is always a great assistant when it comes to these things. She’s slowly plowing through my body of work that has accumulated in the past year or more, and editing everything while sorting each post into only one of four categories:

Observations of life in the City By The Bay, San Francisco (Mondays)

Exactly that, be it sci/fi, fantasy, drama, humor, or satire. (Wednesdays)

A look back on the week, be it local, national, or world-wide, not much in politics so as to give you a break from that. Just life and how quirky it can be. (Fridays)

As she started slowly revamping all of my old posts, Dorian discovered a bunch that don’t really fit in the three categories above, so ‘bonus content’ it is. This basically just means old stuff that didn’t fit elsewhere.

For a few more days there will be additional categories listed on the sidebar (under this post for mobiles and tablets) as she slowly whittles those down, so the basic four categories will soon be the only ones. Until then, anything falling under HUMOR, SATIRE, or anything like that will be tagged as such.

All of this is subject to change. If you’re a subscriber, check this front page for latest announcements, which will always be here under the intro.