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MySpace Notification..

by RhodesTer on January 30, 2009

..I don’t know any of these people, but I must admit the 2nd one DOES look familiar..

Connect with former classmates on MySpace!
MySpace Connect with former classmates on MySpace

David, why wait for your reunion?

Connect with your former classmates today on MySpace! We have found the following five graduates from Ponderosa High. Check out their profiles to see what they’ve been up to, plus search for even more alumni.

Search alumni

Connect with former classmates on MySpace
Graduated: 1977
Ponderosa High

MySpace Member
Graduated: 1977
Ponderosa High

MySpace Member
Graduated: 1977
Ponderosa High

Graduated: 1977
Ponderosa High

Graduated: 1977
Ponderosa High

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Astor Chocolate


23 Squidoo! and monetize, too!

by RhodesTer on December 19, 2008

Squidoo Wallpaper for iPhone

The icky Squidoo Squid

I know how much you like coming to this blog, and I thank you for that.

Do you have one of your own? Yeah?

Well, uh.. do you want another one?

Okay, look.. if you have one already, then maybe it’s time to do what I did and branch out a bit.

Or maybe you don’t have your own little inter-niche because you’re one of those people who doesn’t know a WordPress page from a Blogger Blog.

Either way, Squidoo is the place for you.

There’s this man named Seth Godin. It’s not like he’s a prophet or anything, but Seth had a vision, and that vision was to get people online and get them talking about their passions, products and just about anything else they want to talk about.

But talking to nobody is pointless, so Seth decided to do all of the promotion.

It’s also nice to get a bit of cash flow coming in from advertising, so he lined up some heavy hitters like AMAZON and CafePress, and took care of that while he was at it.

He didn’t do it all alone, of course.

A team was built and an all-in-one place was created where you can post, promote, monetize and network to your heart’s content.

Despite a rather odd logo consisting of a squid with a giganticus eyeball, Squidoo is the easy-build blogging stop that claims you can “build a lens in 5 minutes!” No, they don’t train you in Optometry.. sheesh! (I’m rolling my eyes at you). They call the posts “lenses” because, first of all, they “FOCUS” on a particular subject and second, they are so much more than just the average posts you find on a typical blog.

Yes, even this one!

It might take you a bit longer than 5 minutes to put together an effective lens, but it couldn’t be easier. All of the instructions are right there on Squidoo, and an online coach is within easy reach if you have a question.

“Modules” are the key. When you click the “create a lens”  button, there they all are.. just waiting for you to fill them in with content and choose what you want to display. When you’ve gone through the process and hit “publish”, your masterpiece is placed at the world’s doorstep. Anyone can see your lens – not just members of Squidoo – which means that you can use it as an effective means of business promotion if you’re so inclined.

Of course, Squidoo networks within itself and is thoroughly searchable. People will actually find your lens (or lenses.. you can make as many as you want) and, if they like what they see, they’ll do a lot of the promotional work for you. Do you sell cars? Make a lens about it. Tell us in different modules about various aspects of the auto business, including what’s hot right now, what’s a good bargain, and some tips on buying. Don’t worry about time sensitive material – your lens can be edited any time you’d like.

An issue that bloggers concern themselves with a great deal of the time, is the question of how to make money from their blogs. At Squidoo, your biggest decision is what percentage you want to give to charity. Monetization – better known as advertising and using affiliates – is all done for you and, unlike most other social networks, you get to be a part of it. When Squidoo puts an advertisement on your lens, they keep a percentage of the revenue but offer to split the rest between you and your favorite charity. You choose how much goes to the charity, and you even get to select the advertisers and find products that are conducive to what your lens is about.


So, let’s review..

You can talk about and promote your passion, products and ideas in easy to build modules, and a vast network of users will do the promotion for you. Once your lens is published, some advertising revenue will line your pockets and/or the pockets of your favorite charity. You can build a business lens about what you do for a living and then a separate, personal lens showcasing your passion for Opera, Gummi Bears or reruns of ADAM-12.  The advertising revenue from your business lens can go to charity, while you get all the proceeds from the personal one.. or vice versa. It’s all up to you.

Have I mentioned that Squidoo is completely free?

You’re right, there’s nothing better than that.

Maybe gummi bears.


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Astor Chocolate



April 17, 2008

RhodesTer – “Hello, my name is DAVE.. and, uh.. and I Tweet.”
Chorus of voices – “Hi DAVE!”
RhodesTer – “It started with my wife of almost 18 years, coffeesister, and although I’m not trying to lay blame or point fingers here, it was she who tweeted first.
I’d hear an occasional snicker from her as she sat [...]

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Tweet me on TWITTER, Tweety!

March 26, 2008

I’ve added a new gadget that I want to make you aware of.  Now, before you go thinking that I must be some kind of goofy gadget guy who loves all these bells and whistles that are coming out today, allow me to assuage your concerns – I can hardly keep up with them, and [...]

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