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Have you seen this show on ABC called “V“?

Coffeesister and I watched it and all I can say is that had I KNOWN Morena Baccarin was the babelicious reptilian leader of a powerful alien race, I never would have let her near my dogs.

She might have eaten them.

Morena Baccarin

At this point longtime readers of this blog are rolling their eyes as they say, “There he goes again, with that stupid story about how Morena Baccarin lived in his building and he met her one day while walking his dogs.”

Babelicious Morena Baccarin

Babelicious Morena Baccarin

Well now I don’t HAVE to tell that story, smarty-pants longtime readers of this blog! You’ve already told it! But did you tell new readers about how she said I had nice looking dogs and how I said I liked her dog and then she thanked me and then later coffeesister and I were watching a new series called “Firefly” and hey, there she was?

You should also tell them how I didn’t know she was a hot-shot actress during the dog-walking bit and how surprised I was to see her pop-up as a main character in Firefly and how I was suddenly walking the dogs about seven to ten times a day after that.

So last night we’re watching “V” because we both like sci-fi but I also make it a point to see anything Morena Baccarin is in, like Stargate and the movie about Firefly that was called Serenity, and we noticed that another actor was in it who was with Morena Baccarin in Firefly and Serenity and we’re both thinking, “Geez, does Wash have to get killed in EVERY DAMN THING HE’S IN?”

The answer, evidently, is YES.

Alan Tudyk

Alan Tudyk as WASH in Firefly

Vwas originally a TV miniseries in 1983 and I’m glad they decided to remake it and touch-up some things that kind of bugged me, like not having Morena Baccarin as the leader of the alien race. Of course she was only four years old then, so I guess that would have been a bit silly.

But they updated other things that would appeal to an audience of 2009, like the part where the aliens offer the citizens of earth universal healthcare.

No, seriously.. that was in there. Scott Wolf was this bigshot reporter who interviewed Morena Baccarin as Anna, the babelicious leader of the alien race, and she offered the citizens of earth universal healthcare.

I had to go smoke a cigarette after that.

Morenaaaaa.... uh HUH..

Morenaaaaa.... uh HUH..

We’ve been watching the original miniseries because they’ve been playing it in preparation of last night’s big debut of the newV,” and we’ve been laughing at the special effects that we thought were so awesome back in 1983, because compared to the awesome special effects in last night’s “V” they are pretty cheesy.

However, we know that someday we’ll think last night’s special effects were cheesy because the new special effects will be REALLY awesome, which will probably be because we’ll be watching the real reptilians come to earth and take over.

All I ask is that they’re lead by that babelicious Morena Baccarin and that she doesn’t eat our dogs.

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