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For you who are in need of a companion..

by RhodesTer on April 14, 2008

..and who are really, REALLY desperate..

By the way, this is the same way I got COFFEESISTER

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Astor Chocolate



by RhodesTer on March 22, 2008

I think itz would be really, REALLY koolz if everyone who reads thys go to DIS SITE & then comments on mai post below, you dig wut I’m saying, fools?

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Astor Chocolate


ONE (or MORE), for the ROAD..

March 19, 2008

I was on my way home from the store with some beer strapped to the back of my bike for coffeesister and I to drink tonight, and the bungee cord snapped..

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THIS is what happens..

February 9, 2008

..when little pixie cheerleaders stay at hotels
during their national cheerleading competitions.

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Do seagulls go to hell?

October 6, 2007

Are there, like, “seagull cops” with blue feathers who take care of this sort of miscreant behaviour when it comes to their ilk?  And where do they take them?  To a little wooden seagull jail under the pier where the offender must subsist on week-old herring and dried up orange peels?  Does a “seagull judge” [...]

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HaPPy MoNDaY, my wonderfully diverse friends

September 24, 2007
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