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MySpace Notification..

by RhodesTer on January 30, 2009

..I don’t know any of these people, but I must admit the 2nd one DOES look familiar..

Connect with former classmates on MySpace!
MySpace Connect with former classmates on MySpace

David, why wait for your reunion?

Connect with your former classmates today on MySpace! We have found the following five graduates from Ponderosa High. Check out their profiles to see what they’ve been up to, plus search for even more alumni.

Search alumni

Connect with former classmates on MySpace
Graduated: 1977
Ponderosa High

MySpace Member
Graduated: 1977
Ponderosa High

MySpace Member
Graduated: 1977
Ponderosa High

Graduated: 1977
Ponderosa High

Graduated: 1977
Ponderosa High

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Tweet me on TwiTTer, Tweety! (revised edition)

by RhodesTer on December 6, 2008

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Last night, two mischievously demented blogger/tweeters known as Jamie Grove and Karen Putz, decided it’d be “cute” to launch a “get RhodesTer more followers on TwiTTer campaign.”

They “tweeted” things like,

Dear Twitterville: Follow this guy, @RhodesTer. He’s funny and witty.


Can I get a Retweet? @deafmom and I are trying to get @rhodester 100 new followers. Consider it a twitter bailout package. ;)

They were quite successful.  I’ve gotten a truckload of new followers so far, and they keep rolling in.  There’s almost no room left in the driveway and we’re running low on coffee and doughnuts.

So I’ve decided to revisit a post I put up back when Twitter was just catching on – oh so long ago – lo, these many many years now.

I originally posted this in March of 2008.

It’s about Twitter, and Twitter things, and why you should be on it if you aren’t already.  It explains why we “tweet” and how.  Of course, being that I posted it so many years ago, things have changed a bit..

I still run a “Twitter widget” on this blog, but it’s a different one and it’s in a different place.

I’ve been using a program called Twhirl to keep up on tweets, but today (because of all the new followers) I’m trying out something called TweetDeck for higher volume.

Darren Rowse from ProBlogger now runs a blog solely about Twitter called Twitip because – you know – not nearly enough is said about Twitter on the net.

Tweet me on TwiTTer, Tweety!
(March 26, 2008)

I’ve added a new gadget that I want to make you aware of. Now, before you go thinking that I must be some kind of goofy gadget guy who loves all these bells and whistles that are coming out today, allow me to assuage your concerns – I can hardly keep up with them, and I find most of them to be annoying little nuisances that are destroying the simplicity of the Internet, if there’s still such a thing.

I’m from the Pac-Man generation, meaning I’m more comfortable with a little yellow head negotiating a maze under joystick control, instead of the complexities of WOW, which stands for “Wickedly Over-Whelming”.

But coffeesister is a pretty good gadget judge, and once in a while she adds one that I find intriguing, so I have her add it to mine (I try not to mess with the html, lest I make a mess of it). The latest addition is a TWITTER widget, which you’ll see over to the left, just over my ABOUT RHODESTER box..

(UPdate – it’s now to the right at the top in the lefthand sidebar, on the shelf next to the coffee maker.)

The widget is not TWITTER itself.. it’s just a widget that someone made to allow my twitter stream to be shown on my blog sidebar. My twitter stream has nothing to do with any biological functions, it simply refers to the “tweets” I put on my TWITTER. Tweets are little mini-blogs of one or two lines – kind of a status update, like MySpace and FaceBook have been doing for a while. Only it turns out that TWITTER is an ingenious design, in that TWEETING is ALL it does, and you don’t have to go to the TWITTER site to tweet. You can tweet from your chat program, a program on your desktop or your mobile device, be it a phone or some kind of wireless thingy.

Yes, they call it “tweeting”. Tweeting on TWITTER. It all makes perfect sense after a few beers.

I’ve just started tweeting, and here’s what’s got me so excited that I’m going through underwear about five times faster than usual.. GOOGLE CHAT is the only live chat program I use, and I keep a module open when I’m online, in case anyone who knows me wants to say HI or borrow money (heh, good luck with THAT!).  So I have my tweets go to Google Chat.

(UPdate – I no longer have my tweets go to Google Chat.  It was kind of like the invasion scene in “Saving Private Ryan”.)

When you join TWITTER and start tweeting, you “follow” people of your choosing and they choose whether or not to “follow you back”.  You type things like,

“doing laundry and waiting for the mail”

..and it immediately puts it into your twitter stream. In my case, it shows up in my blog widget right away, just because I know how concerned you all are with what RhodesTer is up to moment by moment, and making sure that his underwear is clean, especially after having discovered a site like TWITTER.

I realize It all sounds excruciatingly dull, but it’s really quite addictive and interesting, just like Men With Pens.

It’s still an ongoing, raging debate as to whether or not the human race is descended from monkeys and, whereas the jury is still out on that, I think it’s perfectly obvious that the people who designed TWITTER, which allows you to TWEET, are descended from birds. These birds have thought of everything too.. not only can you tweet from your chat module, mobile device or desktop, I’m sure that someday soon you’ll be able to do so from your microwave, fridge and television set. Possibly, you’ll just think a tweet, and it’ll show up in your twitter stream.. how awesome would that be?

Also, you don’t have to follow the twitter streams of everyone in the world, which would be a tad overwhelming. There’s a “PUBLIC TIMELINE” page on the TWITTER website that shows the twitter streams of the most recent people who’ve tweeted, and none of them are more than a few seconds old whenever you look at it. This means that people all over the world are tweeting all of the time, in different languages, while sitting in chairs, walking along sidewalks, driving their cars or flying through the air.

I didn’t say they did it safely.

When you join TWITTER, you can opt to just follow the tweets of certain people, and you can choose to let anyone follow yours, or just your friends. I have about 9 people I’m following the tweets of..

(UPdate – I now have about 9 million.)

..and they all show up in a program on my desktop, whereas I’m the only one who shows up in my BLOG WIDGET, because I don’t want to inundate you with too much information.. that would just be wrong.

So, my tweets are the only ones that show up on my sidebar, because it’s my blog.

A part of the fun is that I can put a little blurb on there that I don’t necessarily want to blog about, and I can do it easily from my chat or mobile phone.

Don’t you WANT to know when I’m in the shower? Now you can!

(UPdate #2 – A common misconception among non-Twitter users (aka “Cave People”) is that you can only use it to “update your status”, like saying.. “I’m going to McDonald’s now to have lunch.  This is not true.  My “Tweets” generally go something like this..

“RhodesTer I’m increasingly glad that McDonald’s counterhelp is not in charge of our national security, because they’d forget the cheese there too.”

Also, you can keep up with Britney Spears now on Twitter by following Britney Spears.  Worth its weight in gold, right there!)

If you join up because of this post and you “follow me”, then let me know and I’ll follow you back as long as you’re not a slime-sucking spammer demon from hell or a motivational speaker/thinker/condescending jerk.

On a final note, coffeesister invites you to follow HER tweets too, and she’ll likely follow yours, unless you fall into one of the aforementioned categories.

As for the nuts and bolts about adding TWITTER WIDGETS and all of that stuff, please ask HER.. I haven’t a clue.

Call me Pac-Man.

(UPdate – I added the current Twitter widget ALL BY MYSELF because I’ve since grown to become a technical genius, but please don’t ask me to explain how Google puts out a browser like Chrome and it’s free yet they still make billions of dollars.)

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Tweet me on TWITTER, Tweety!

March 26, 2008

I’ve added a new gadget that I want to make you aware of.  Now, before you go thinking that I must be some kind of goofy gadget guy who loves all these bells and whistles that are coming out today, allow me to assuage your concerns – I can hardly keep up with them, and [...]

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