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Pastor John Cowan softly closed his leather bound book with a smile.

Looking at us, he said, “I now pronounce you husband and wife.” A twinkle in his eye betrayed delight as he turned his attention to me and continued with, “You may now kiss the bride.” I lifted her veil and did so, right there in front of the author of the little leather bound book and everyone else in the room, including my mom, Mary Ann Kelly. Life had hardened her a bit by then but not enough that she couldn’t shed a few tears in disbelief that there was actually a woman on this earth who was crazy enough to claim me as her own.

There were many other witnesses in the little mountain chapel that day..

..some that we could see and a lot that we could not. In the pews of pine there sat her mom, Phyllis, and her maternal grandparents, Don and Peg. On the opposite side a few of my cousins watched and behind them were some longtime friends of mine. Friends of hers took up the rear on the other side, and eventually they all became friends of ours. Family from either side sat here and there while in the mist there stood the friends and family that we had invited with a prayer – her uncle Ted, my Dad, her uncle Robert whom she had never known because he was lost to a war of long ago, and others.  They stood unseen, but we could feel their love and approval that day.

Nobody but the author of the little leather bound book knew for certain where we would be in nineteen years,

..but we hoped, and that hope held us together, along with contentment and most important of all, love for one another. On this day nineteen years ago I took Pastor John’s suggestion to heart and lifted the veil to kiss the one who I knew that I couldn’t live without, and she kissed me back and the room full of the seen and the unseen approved and hoped right along with us.

Over the years we have seen changes that have challenged that hope.. mom has gone on to join the world of the unseen, to be followed only recently by my beloved’s cherished grandmother, Peg.  Certain friends have drifted from our life together and are writing their own futures without us. We have been destitute and blessed, sometimes within months of either one. Sickness has at times battered us and depression has vainly tried to make us widows. But through it all one has had the other to count on, to offer support, and to lift up and cherish.

One has had the other to love, and that love has made it all worth living.

The Stroll

Happy 19th anniversary, my dearest.

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Twenty years ago today..

May 19, 2009
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Welcome to small town life.

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Showering With Sexy Veronica

January 22, 2009
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sexy_veronica sent me a kindly invitation to look at her picture, and then show her around town and then finally go back to her place for a wild night of passionate, uninhibited monkey sex.

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