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Karate Chatouille by isazappy on flickr

photo by isazappy on flickr

In our never-ending quest to survive in San Francisco, we have given our cats a code name.

This is because we are in a little hotel room in an old building with thin walls, and cats are not allowed here, so we had to be all sneaky and enclose them in packages to bring them in.

Then we realized that what we say can be heard by anyone passing by in the hall so we have to be careful not to say, “Did you feed the cats?”

Instead we say things like, “Did you stuff the pillows?” which doesn’t make much sense, but at least they won’t know we’re talking about cats.

We tend to ask each other “Where is the dark pillow?” and the other will reply, “It fell under the bed.” We’re certain the management thinks we talk about our pillows way too much.

The cats also like to sit in the window and look down at the street, which is why we chose a room toward the rear instead of the awesome corner room over the building entrance. We’re hoping the building manager never walks down the side-street and looks up.

We don’t like being all sneaky and conniving, but life in the city has brought us to this. Only rich people don’t need to be sneaky and conniving, but they’re the worst of it which is probably how they got to be rich in the first place.

We go to this periodic meet-up that exists to match-up renters with people who have rooms to rent, but we may stop going because we’re always billed as “the cat couple,” meaning we might as well be covered in boils and reek of rotten salami.

We couldn’t use the “pillow code” with people we’re trying to rent a room from in a house or shared apartment because they’d notice the cats right quick, so we’re just upfront about it all at the meet-ups. We write on our name labels that we’re a couple with two cats and low income, which makes us akin to ogres covered in slime who like to smoke hookahs full of dried donkey dung in the living room.

So it appears that until we have the money to buy our own place (HA!) we’ll just have to keep shuffling from one old weekly rate hotel to another and keep talking about our pillows.

“But Rhodester,” you say, “there must be some places in town that allows pets!”

Yes, you’re right.. there are plenty of places like that on the market, all of which are available to purchase.

“But Rhodester,” you say, “If the cats are such a problem then why do you still have them?”

You need to stop talking now.

Coffeesister and her pillow

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