Spring is in the air and LOVE is everywhere

by RhodesTer on April 29, 2010

Teenage Dance PartyI have this young friend who I’ll call Katherine, because that’s her name and I’m not going to say anything bad about her, or anything confidential or ridiculously stupid.

Actually, I have only good things to say about Katherine, because it’d be too much work to find anything bad. Frankly, I’m not sure there’s any bad to be found.

The reason I’m talking about her at all is because she’s currently on her first love, and it’s more adorable than puppies. She’s plastering her Facebook wall with talk of “the boy” and what he did today, and what they talked about, and his first meeting with her mom.

It makes me all bubbly inside, but in a good way, unlike Taco Bell.

I don’t think I ever had a first love, at least that I can remember. There was this girl I saw in the local paper because she was featured in some story about something, so I called her up and asked her out because I liked her picture and the story was pretty cool. I wish I could remember what it was about. We lived in a small town, so she’d probably sold more girl scout cookies than anyone else.

I’d never met her because she went to a different school, but surprisingly she accepted and we went to the movies. Our respective moms dropped us off and I had this friend come along, Sterling, who hung back a few rows so as not to sit with us and thus cramp my style.

My style, by the way, was to put my arm around her about halfway through the movie and sit there frozen in terror. I remember glancing back at Sterling and him giving me a thumbs up with a huge grin.

We were all about 14, I think.

That wasn’t really my first date. My first date went so badly I don’t want to remember it, so I call that one my first date, even though it went badly too.

The movie theater girl was named Cindy (Knecht), and I didn’t see her again until a visit to my hometown years later, when she was all grown up and had long since been married and had three kids. We ran into each other in a supermarket and she actually remembered the movie theater date, which had been her first date ever, so I told her I was glad it didn’t turn her into a lesbian.

I’ll tell you about my actual first date here, just to show Katherine that she’s doing okay and there’s hope.

A few months before I saw that article about Cindy in the paper, there was this girl named Piper who seemed to like me. She’d be all flirtatious and talk to me a lot, so I asked her to a basketball game at school. Being 14 I didn’t drive yet, so mom had to drive me to Piper’s house and then take us to the game.

Something was wrong. She’d talk to me a lot at school, but in the back seat of the car she didn’t talk to me at all. I talked a lot. Maybe that was it.

When we got to the game she ditched me to go off with some other dude (older and he drove, of course), and then she didn’t talk to me again, like ever. Must have been something I said.

So that’s my first date. Mom picked me up after the game as planned and asked, “Where’s Piper? I thought we were taking her home?”

I had to tell her some other guy was taking my date home, which was such a crushing blow to my fragile 14-year-old ego, that I’ve probably never quite recovered.

NOTE – if your name is Piper (Norman) and you went to Ponderosa High School in Shingle Springs, California in 1975 and you actually remember me, comment below and tell me what I did wrong. It’s okay, we’re both old now and can laugh about it.

So, I like Katherine’s guy. I don’t know much about him except for what she’s posted on her Facebook, but he seems like a good kid. He’s smart, like her, he’s nice, like her, and he likes her, which has her tickled pink. She not only calls him “the boy,” but he calls her “the girl,” which is just some kind of wonderful, you know? I feel like if they went to a movie together, he’d put his arm around her and not be a total doofus about it.

Coming up in June I’ll have been married to an awesome woman for twenty years, but I can’t say if she’s my first love. There were a few serious relationships some years after the two disastrous “dates” I just mentioned, but I don’t know if I really loved those girls. I thought I did at the time, but in looking back I realize I didn’t have a clue what love really is.

I don’t know if Katherine and her boy know what love really is either, but they’re sure having fun right now and it’s a kick in the pants to watch it play out on Facebook. Whether it’s short-lived or becomes something long-term, I know they’ll have some pretty cool memories to look back on when they’re my age, which is more than I can say for myself.

Someday I want to double-date with them.

We’ll take them to Taco Bell.

UPDATECoffeesister informs me that Piper more than likely went to the game with me because her mom wouldn’t let her date someone older, so she played me like a two-dollar fiddle. Nice to know after all these years. Naive? Who, meeee? I take it back about commenting, Piper, you bitch. Try it and I’ll block your ass.

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1 Katherine April 29, 2010 at 4:59 am

I’m tickled. Awesome, awesome, awesome. :)


2 RhodesTer April 29, 2010 at 6:32 am

*Bows* You’re a special young lady, and I don’t mean in a short-bus kind of way.


3 Brennan "The boy forementioned" P April 29, 2010 at 5:16 pm

I hope that Katherine and I last a long time. I would love to have a double date with you but I do not know you, sir. Thank you for the compliments.


4 RhodesTer April 30, 2010 at 2:30 pm

Bah humbug, young man! Going out to eat somewhere would be for the purpose of getting to know us. You two shall indeed last a long time, and shall someday visit San Francisco and we shall all go to Little Orphan Andy’s, the gay diner in the Castro (broaden your horizons) or to Java Beach Cafe at the beach or watch the ferries come and go while dining on lobster at the seafood place in the Ferry Building.

At Little Orphan Andy’s, the diner isn’t gay, just the staff. So I guess you’d say it’s run by “Little Orphan Dandie’s”.. har!


5 Katherine April 30, 2010 at 5:30 pm

I am definitely in favor of lasting a long time.


6 Lorna May 1, 2010 at 1:50 pm

I like Brandon. He knows the words “forementioned” and “sir”. He would be welcome at my Round Table.
Lorna´s brilliant blustering.. Photohunter Theme – BLACK My ComLuv Profile


7 RhodesTer May 1, 2010 at 2:51 pm

You want him to call you “sir?” Is there something you’re not telling us, Lorna?


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