Greetings From 1995

November 27, 2011
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As they say this, you can hear the dial-up connecting in the background.. “zhiing-da-ding-zha-zzzzzzttt!”

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Val And Woobie

November 24, 2011
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Great uncles with bushy white mustaches and funny accents always told the truth, didn’t they?

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SPEDOOCHER writs a posst

November 22, 2011
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Rhodester is taking the day off so he’s invited a typical YouTube commenter to guest-post today.

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November 18, 2011
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Evidently they weren’t allowed to use the restroom so it became a “pee-in” too.

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I Think I Need To Tweet More

November 16, 2011
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I use Friend Or Follow to see who unfollowed me after I followed them back after they followed me first, and I unfollow them if they unfollowed me.

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