OC Cabbie: Doom & Gloom

by RhodesTer on January 8, 2010

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A few years ago I barely made a living as a taxi driver in Huntington Beach California, and I decided to blog about it at the time. The blog is long gone, but I’ve resurrected a handful of the posts that I’m republishing here in a week-long series called OC CABBIE.

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from mid 2007..

OC Cabbie: Doom & Gloom

913 Miles Since by lille abeMy posts have been a bit infrequent because I haven’t taken much time to actually sit and write – I’ve been much too busy hanging out in the taxi trying to make a living, which isn’t easy when the company suspends you from the dispatch computer.

I fell behind on my $575.00 per week lease payment and when that happens, they “flag” you so that when you log in, you get a message telling you your taxi is “on hold for fees” and instructing you to “bring the car to the yard.” You don’t really have to do the latter unless they call you and say so on the phone, but there’s not much you can do about being “on hold for fees” – you’re locked out of the dispatch system and can’t take dispatch calls, which isn’t necessarily the end of the world but it makes it tough to make enough money to catch up.

So, I have to hang out in downtown Huntington Beach and hope for walk-up business, plus I have the advantage of being a part of the “Ace & Tiny crew,” which means I get to respond to a lot of personal calls those guys get. I even have some personals of my own – about 30 of them, and they call me on average of once every 3 days or so. Hardly enough to make up that lease, let alone make a living. What I’ve been making each day since falling behind has allowed me to pay daily rent at the seedy motel where my wife and I live, plus get something to eat each day and maybe drop a little toward the lease debt.

It seems counter-productive for the company to lock a driver out of the system if he falls behind, since they’re all about making money and if I’m locked out I can’t make nearly as much as I would otherwise. Today is lease day again (every Monday) and I simply don’t have it, so I’ll probably get farther and farther in debt with them until I get that dreaded phone call. On that day I’ll take the car in and this blog, along with a lot of other things, will be history.

Here’s hoping I have enough left over for a scrap of cardboard and a magic marker when all is said and done.


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1 Kris January 8, 2010 at 11:24 am

Those Rotten Cab-company people!! :-( ……… You’ve been through some really bad times, haven’t you?… though your spirit and positive attitude is amazing!! … (doffs his hat in awe..)


2 RhodesTer January 8, 2010 at 11:31 am

Well, yeah.. I’d say so. Thanks for the hat doff and stuff :-)


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