Morgan Freeman (not really) On Carpet..

by RhodesTer on December 19, 2009

in Humor/Satire, Vivacious Videos

Thanks Krispy!

I’m-a put this on my blog too, because this guy is awesomeness..

Not seeing the video? click here

This shows me that if I ever have a job again and I’m ever late for that job, I need to get Morgan Freeman to come in and explain to my boss why I was late. Or maybe he could defend me for murder, not that I plan on murdering anyone anytime soon.

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1 Krispy December 20, 2009 at 4:51 am

Thanks for the link.

Isn’t that guy good?

Morgan Freeman has replaced James Earl Jones as “the voice.” I don’t know if there’s a more soothing, trustworthy voice anywhere in the world. He could endorse anything … anything at all, anything in the world, and make it sound like a wonderful thing. If Morgan Freeman did a voice-over promoting hemorrhoids, I’d hear it and think “Man, I have GOT to get me some of those hemorrhoids.”

His narration was the best thing about March of the Penguins. I’m generally ambivalent about penguins, seals, etc. But after an hour and a half of listening to Freeman, by the end of that movie I was choking up, thinking “Man, I really love them f—in’ snow ducks.”
.-= Krispy´s brilliant blustering.. Don’t You Eat That Yellow Snow … =-.


2 RhodesTer December 20, 2009 at 4:58 am

Keep this under wraps, but we’re currently negotiating with Mr. Freeman’s agent to bring him on board as a blog narrator. He’d read the contents of this blog out loud and people would actually believe I’m a Peruvian Snow Yak named Betty.

If we can’t get him, we’re going with this Thompson guy. He said he’d do it if we buy him lunch and let him touch our cat.


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