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by RhodesTer on December 22, 2009

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Man, we don’t know about you but we’re having fun with this VEVO video of the day on our front page.

We know you’re not having fun with it if you’re outside of the USA, and we’re sorry about that. Occasionally we get the video from HULU instead and they’re the same way, because we guess it costs like a zillion dollars in foreign export taxes to let the vids be shown in other countries. Along with that we hear, “they can’t get the rights to it.”

What does that even mean, anyhow?

The RIGHTS. They can’t get THE RIGHTS.

If we were a musical person (we’re so not, by the way) we’d want our video to be shown in the USA, Canada, Europe, Slovakia, Australia and everywhere else. The more the merrier. But we guess somehow, someone somewhere is greedy. They want lots of money and dammit, if they can’t get it then you just can’t show your stupid videos in their country.

Or something like that. That’s seems to always be what it comes down to with these things.

Well, we apologize once again if you’re Canadian, European, Slovakian, Australian or anything else because you’re missing out on a really cool one today.

We thought we’d do Christmas Week here at The RhodesTer Chronicles, beings how Christmas is Friday, and today we have a duet with country singer Martina McBride and the late Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley Martina McBride Blue Christmas

“How can this be?” You ask. “How can Elvis, who died in 1978, sing with Martina McBride who is a contemporary country singer? Her career didn’t even start until much later and she was like two years old when this video of Elvis was made!”

First of all, we’re impressed that you know when the video of Elvis was made and how old Ms. McBride was at the time, but then we’re kind of disappointed you don’t know exactly when her career started. You were a little vague on that.

But the answer, our vague friends, lies in video trickery.. most likely mirrors set at just the right angle, and special lighting, plus smoke. Lots of smoke. At just the right angle.

In the video, which you poor foreigners are missing out on, Elvis sings “Blue Christmas” to a small studio audience of mesmerized young women who are staining their panties, and Martina McBride walks up to join him, making it a duet.

Rather brash of her, if you ask us. We didn’t hear The King invite her up to sit beside the thrown.

But she does, and it actually makes for a nice little number. He looks at her several times and smiles, so you’re left to wonder who he was really smiling at before they blew some smoke, adjusted the lighting and set the time-travel mirrors at just the right angles. Priscilla? Lisa Marie? Ann-Margret? Dolly Parton?

I guess we’ll never know. But it seems Natalie Cole started something some twenty years ago when she did the video for Unforgettable as a duet with her long-since-deceased dad, and these types of things are getting better every year. I’m hoping I’ll still be around when they achieve the technology to let you attend a live Sinatra concert in 1966. You’ll have to dress accordingly to blend in and not raise suspicion (no, you may NOT take your iPhone) and you’ll have to come right back after the concert. None of this going and meeting your parents stuff and trying to get them to fall in love again so that you’ll be born.

Frank SinatraWait.. if you’re already born and can go back, then there must not be a problem. Unless.. unless that bastard BIFF messes things up while you’re at the Sinatra concert! Then you’ll have to stay and fix it!

Fortunately, the only one who gets to time-travel today is Martina McBride. Click here to see it IF you’re reading this on December 22nd of 2009 and IF you’re not already at the front page of this blog and IF you’re in the USA.

Otherwise you can check it out in the video archive IF you’re in the USA but it doesn’t matter what the date is, as long as it’s after December 22nd of 2009. But we’re afraid you can’t see it if you’re in 1966, which doesn’t matter because even though I existed, this blog didn’t, so you’re not reading this anyway and, oh shit..
there’s BIFF!

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