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Grandad enjoys negative comments at Head RamblesI suppose I should go ahead and mention Grandad on my blog, since he went and mentioned me.

He’s a feisty (Irish word that means drunk concerned) senior citizen who lives in a little village somewhere in Ireland.  There’s a pub there too, and a whole cast of colorful characters that frequent it.  He writes about all of them.

He also writes about noisy neighbors, tourists, squirrels and Guinness.  Thanks to him, I now know how to properly consume a Guinness should I ever visit a pub in an Irish village, which will probably be never, which is also thanks to him.

He scared the hell out of me.

Someday they’ll turn his accounts into a movie and cast as many Irish actors in it as they can – Colm Meany, Colin Farrell, Aidan Gillen, Pierce Brosnan and, of course, Peter O’Toole to play Grandad.

Turns out they have the internet in Ireland – even in those little villages – so he puts what he writes into a blog and publishes it for his friends, but thousands of other people see it too, and comment on it.  He pretends to be frustrated by all that exposure and notoriety but he’s not fooling anyone.

He’d pretend to be frustrated about this write-up too, and he’d definitely say I’d better not link him on my blogroll in the sidebar, but that’s just too bad.  I like what he has to say and I think you would too.

Lorna from Lorna In Wonderland visited his site and, in the comment section of this post, the following was said..

# Lorna on 23 Oct 2007 at 3:44 pm

I came over by way of Rhodester, who is a brilliant storyteller even though he never remembers the difference between “its” and “it’s”, and I’m gonna have to put you on my blogroll.

# Grandad IRELAND on 23 Oct 2007 at 4:07 pm

Its nice that you dropped by, Lorna. I misread your comment for a second – I thought you were going to put me on your blog roll. I’m glad that isn’t the case and I’m honoured.

You see, I’m onto him.  He’s doing what I did during the 8th grade dance.

I acted shy and stood against the wall, pretending to be too scared to get out on the dance floor.  Eventually a girl came up and asked me to have a go at it, and I turned her down.  Then a prettier girl came up and, after that, an even prettier one and so on, until they were all tugging at my shirt sleeve and pleading for me to dance with them.  Finally, that sexy little tart Robyn Setter came over and yanked me away, to drag me out onto the dance floor.

Okay I wasn’t pretending at first, I really didn’t know how to dance, and I was terrified of Robyn Setter. But Grandad knows how to dance and he’s just getting a royal kick out of all the pretty girls who are tugging on his shirt sleeve, wanting to put him on their blogrolls.

The more he says he doesn’t want it, the more he gets it. He’s had about 74,359 blog visitors this week alone, and I believe The Today Show is trying to get him on a plane to New York for an interview, but Ireland won’t let him leave because who’d keep them entertained?  He wouldn’t like New York City anyway because there are Americans there, albeit not a lot.

Be warned that if YOU’RE an American, and you decide to comment over at Grandad’s blog, wear protective eye wear and clothing.  You also might want to buy the house a round before you really say anything, just to get them all good and loose first.  And don’t talk sports or politics unless you really enjoy diving headfirst through pub windows.

Head Rambles

Oh MY, the auld fella went and wrote a book too!

Head Rambles: With Ireland’s Most Cantankerous Auld Fella

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Why we love cats and dogs

May 21, 2010
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There it was, plain as day. I plucked that little gray hair off my suit and stared at it, and then the tears came.

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“Who you gonna call?.. GHOST HUNTERS!”

May 16, 2009
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You never really quite see them, which is just how it is in real life unless you’re Jennifer Love Hewitt.

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Why I Use.. SKYPE

March 13, 2009
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The Internet is all about options these days and Skype is no exception.

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March 12, 2009
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Google programmers are either meth addicts or they get chained to chairs and ordered to produce ten new functions a day or their families swim with the fishes.

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Why I use.. GMAIL

March 11, 2009
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Now that we mainline the Internet like heroin addicts with a high-speed infusion day and night, we can haz a service that keeps all of our email on its computers and we access it anytime we want.

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The Prestigious Palm Springs Savant and Co.

July 1, 2008
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Rick is very prestigious, which is a big word that means “can afford to dine out EVERY night.”

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