Polar Vortexing and YOU

If you’re in one of those states that isn’t getting mail today, I hope you’re huddled indoors with a nice, warm cup of cocoa or a snifter of brandy. We’re not freezing out here in California, of course, but we get earthquakes. LOTS of earthquakes.

They’re generally too small to notice, so that’s one of the few good things about Twitter; there are these Twitter bots set up by seismology labs that tell us when we’ve had a rumble. Most are under 2.0.

A tweet from NBC Bay Area reporting a preliminary magnitude 2.8 earthquake just off the coast near Daly City, “Did you feel it?”
No, I didn’t, but I was asleep and it was only a 2.8

When you get above a 3.0, which isn’t that common, you often wonder if you just had an earthquake or someone is moving in next door and they put the sofa down too hard.

That’s not something you ponder when it’s a 4.0 or above. Once you get into that range, you know it’s an earthquake so you hope mom’s vase doesn’t go skittering off the shelf and crashing to the floor.

Tiny “micro-quakes” happen several times a day here in the Bay Area of San Francisco. I was once joking with a visitor from Florida as we were talking about hurricanes because at the time he and his friend were visiting, they were escaping one of the huge ones that have walloped Florida in recent years.

I asked him if they ever got “micro-hurricanes’ in Florida. He said, “Sure we do, they’re called ‘breezes.” HAHA!

Today, Twitter says we’ve had our usual micro-quakes here in the Bay Area (it’s just past noon) and, as far as I know, there are no hurricanes scheduled for Florida and/or the Gulf Coast.

But the rest of the nation? DAMN, IT’s COLD!

So, to our friends in those states plus our northern pals up there in Canada, I hope you’re finding ways to stay warm. As for me, I’m leaving shortly to go host tours of this city from the open top of a tour bus, if you can imagine that. No kidding!

It’s relatively warm here, albeit a little rainy but that’s nothing compared to being plunged into an ice age all of a sudden. I’ll be thinking of you and wishing you were here.

A sunset over San Francisco Bay, as seen from Treasure Island
The view from Treasure Island in the middle of San Francisco Bay

Let’s just hope there’s no 8.0 earthquake scheduled for today.