A Job Offer..

by RhodesTer on January 12, 2010

..that I probably won’t respond too.

seeking co-writer for anti-christ themed feature


i cant afford to pay anyone so i will be sure u receive some sort of recognition which we can discuss in person
i’m open to suggestions (i.e. co-writer credit) and compensation AFTER if script is bought (i was told this is “spec”)

i have the storyline and have already started writing the script

this movie deals with the anti christ.
i’m only familiar with so much. i need someone who has in depth knowledge that would assist me in writing the script

i have the characters
2 page summary
i already wrote the beginning 18 pages
and have been working on the end for which i believe i have 3 pages with room for a sequel

we can meet over coffee and i can explain to you in detail what the movie is about.
i am also hoping to put together a trailer by the summer

please respond with some experience relating to this topic. nothing else



Is the CAPS key broken on your computer? Just curious.

Good luck with that script and I hope you’re equipped to handle the fleet of buses that will be showing up loaded with applicants who are sure to be enticed with that opening line, “i cant afford to pay anyone.”

YOU WILL be buying the coffee, riiiiiight?

tell the WORLD..
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1 heather gardner January 12, 2010 at 1:39 pm

hehehehehe…. your posts always (at least most of the time) make me chuckle ;-) Thanks Dave!
heather gardner´s brilliant blustering.. The Outdoor Shower My ComLuv Profile


2 RhodesTer January 12, 2010 at 1:42 pm

“at least most of the time”.. thanks, I think! Actually I’m redoing categories soon and creating a humor/satire category and another one called NOT humor/satire. Yeah.


3 cinderkeys January 12, 2010 at 11:54 pm


I work for a self-publishing company. One day, some guy called me up and asked if I could design his book. He couldn’t pay me, but I could use the design in my portfolio! It would be a great career steppingstone!

Yeah, nice try.
cinderkeys´s brilliant blustering.. Failure to detect false illness beliefs My ComLuv Profile


4 RhodesTer January 13, 2010 at 8:22 am

Rewind to 1994. My mom had passed and Dorian and I have her house and property on the market for $350,000.00

Not as big a deal as it seems because she left debts in the thousands that needed to be paid off once the place sold.

Guy knocks on door – wants to talk. He bypassed the Realtor because he knew she wouldn’t give him the time of day. But ME, well, he pleaded for me to hear him out.

I made coffee for us and we sat down to talk.

He really wanted the place. Newly married and it’d be great to raise his family. Plus they were really into horses and there was some acreage to it.

Problem was, no money and no credit. His new wife was in nursing school and wouldn’t graduate for two years. But he had managed to secure a bank line of credit for $5000.00 that was ALL MINE, as soon as we sign the deed over to him!

THEN.. after two years, when his wife would be a nurse and working.. he’d pay us the balance of $345,000.00 in installments over the next 30 years.

I asked him how he managed to secure the bank credit. “It’d be with a lien on this property, once you agree to it,” he said.

So.. let’s see.. property is on the market for $350,000.00.. YOU want to give me five grand up front and the bank will hold the lien while we wait two years, THEN you start paying me, not the bank, a monthly payment (whatever it works out to) over thirty years. If there’s any default the bank would own the place.

I asked him why I should do this for him, considering that I had nearly a hundred thousand dollars in debts to pay off once escrow closed.

“Because you seem like a nice guy.”

I charged him for the cup of coffee before throwing his ass out. I AM a nice guy, but not a total idiot.


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