Hollywood, Vampires & Golf

So Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, Alice Cooper, and Johnny Depp are going to be appearing at the mighty Warfield in mid-May as The Hollywood Vampires.

About a decade ago I was a MOD (Manager and Security) at the Palm Springs Hilton, which plays host to a celebrity golf tourney every year.

I’ll never forget standing near a buffet table one afternoon as all the participants were returning to the hotel from their morning golf rounds, and Alice Cooper waved me over to ask “what kind of cheese is this?”

I had no idea, but fortunately, Chef Tony was hovering nearby so I waved him over, introduced him to Alice and stated that “Chef Tony is our resident expert on cheese and wine,” so we all three had a great little conversation about what cheese goes best with what wine, and all of that.

Meanwhile, my head was exploding inside (which I didn’t let on, of course) because I’d grown up in the seventies and Alice helped get me through high school.

I’d certainly never envisioned a day I’d be standing in a hotel lobby discussing wine and cheese with Alice Cooper, who’d be wearing a pink shirt, golf togs and golfing shoes, with his long black ponytail pulled through the back of his golf cap.

I’d love to take Mrs Dave to this Warfield gig since it’s literally about four blocks from our place, but it’s not likely we’ll be able to afford it. We don’t really get to do many fun things these days, which is life in the big city.

If you’re local and you get to go, and you see Alice, tell him Dave says, “Stilton,’ and you should have a nice Tawny Port with that.”

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