This Is Your Freedom Song

Peace (2)

This is ‘Peace,’ who took his own life last week.

I just came from the memorial service, where I read a poem that Peace had composed.

Dorian gave me a stack of poems he’d written and said, “pick one,” so I picked the one I have posted below. After telling her my choice she said, “That’s the one I was hoping you’d pick!”

“Then why didn’t you just hand me that one and ask me to read it at the service?” I asked.

“Because, this way, I’m certain it’s the right choice!”


I will write a new rhyme
that will blow up your mind.

Elevate you into a new dimension.
No fear of darkness here, just liberation.

Hold on tight for the ride
it will free you inside
just have faith in a future that is better than now.

Make your dreams manifest
And leave your past behind

You can do anything
if you dare to succeed

Nothing stopping you now
Just have faith and believe.

Make your dreams manifest
And leave your past behind.

Angels watch your back
you can be in the light.
You can feel all the love manifesting inside.

Fear is nothing but thoughts
of a future not real
Be in the now
and alive you will feel.

Spread your wings and take flight
chase your dreams all day long
leave your worries behind

Life is only a song
that makes you feel good

You can choose all the lyrics
and become what you want
elevating your mood.

Light, I’m in the light
I’m stronger than ever before
Watch me now as I walk through the door
I’m stronger than ever before.

There’s no reason to fear
what is no longer here
what could never become
it will make you feel numb.

It could mess with your head
Make you wish you were dead.

Just hold on to the light
let your spirit take flight

Hold on, have faith,
Reach out, dreams manifest

Stay strong, in the light you belong
this is your freedom song.
This is your freedom song.

Reach out, stay bright,
you deserve to enjoy
all of your life.

Suffering leaves you stuck in the dark
you can now make your mark.

Light, I’m in the light
I’m stronger than ever before
Watch me now as I walk through the door.
Watch me now as I walk through the door.

May 2018 ~ by Peaceful Ocean

You can read more about our friend Peace right here.

2 thoughts on “This Is Your Freedom Song

  1. S/he defied description yet Peace’s own poetry is perhaps the best approach. A journey visible through names alone – Inbal, Bali, Jason, Peace Phoenix – s/he couldn’t have landed on a better one for Peace was just that; tho’ not always peaceful inside, a transmitter of peace. S/he left everyone lucky enough to be encountered thus impacted with a little more peace, love, & light.

    Understandably, s/he will always be deeply missed yet the timing wasn’t for us & we honestly never would have been ready. I watched as Peace walked through the final door from this plane. May that peace be returned a googolplex-fold.

    Thanx, Hunny, for reading Peace’s Freedom Song with [almost] as much feeling as s/he would! 😘


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