A Chat With Chu

Frank Chu
Frank Chu on Market Street in San Francisco with our goddaughter, Katherine, 2012

While headed to The Coffee Bean on Market Street one day, Dorian and I happened upon San Francisco’s “Most Pathological Citizen” (SF Weekly, 2007), Frank Chu.

We were stopped at the corner of Market and Powell while waiting for the light to change, so a conversation ensued.

Dave: “Hi Frank!”

Chu: “Hello.”

Dave: “It’s nice to see you again.”

Chu: “I am seen by many, I have CBS news cover the twelve galaxies. They do that with twelve crews of reporters who speak to me.”

Dave: “Awesome! Hey, a friend of mine posted a picture he had taken with you a while back, and he writes about you every now and then.”

Chu: “Do not know him, there are many. Many come and hear of the twelve, the galaxies, they will come. The invaders will come. My message will be told.”

Dave: “Oh, it’s being told, no worries there. You’re quite famous, pal! Hey, this is my wife, Dorian” (indicates Dorian, standing beside him).

Chu: “Nice to meet you.”

Dorian: “You too, Frank” (smiles).

Light changes.

Dave: “Hey, we gotta roll, man. Hang in there, you’ll get through to everyone eventually!”

Chu: “I know this, they heed. Must heed the twelve and more before they come.”

Never let it be said that we’re not doing our part to further the cause.

Whatever that may be.

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