Shadow Of The Troubadour

ballerina ballet ballet dancer beautiful
Photo by Shamraevsky Maksim on

She danced in his shadow –
in the shadow of the troubadour..
as he played his joyful song.

He sang merrily too,
as if his heart would burst.

She knew this,
and she danced all the more.

They watched
they smiled
they took delight..
in her dance.

The swirling fabric
spun more shadows,
and color,
and hope..
and they all knew
that it wasn’t so bleak after all:

This life.

How could it be? Just look!

How could such beauty
and joy
and mirth
exist in the midst of damnation?

In the midst of war
and poverty
and hunger
and hate?

How could it?

It was then that they realized,
as she dipped
and swirled
and smiled,

The musician and the dancer are Prophets –
predicting and depicting what is yet to come –