I’ve really tried..

by RhodesTer on June 14, 2008

jumbled keyboard

..to get into the various social networking sites..really, I have.  But they’re just so darned.. social.. without really being social, you know what I mean?  Take BLOG CATALOG for example.. I signed up last year and put this little widget in my sidebar that tells me when other blog catalog members come by for a visit.. most of the time.  I’ve had friends who I know for a FACT are on Blog Catalog, and they’ll leave a blog comment and not show up in the widget, prompting me to say, “Hey, why didn’t you show up in my widget?” and they’ll reply, “Hey, it’s because I wasn’t signed into Blog Catalog at the time.. not that I’m EVER going to sign in, because I really don’t use it that much.”

My thoughts exactly.

But you’d think that a person who goes around adding a lot of people as friends on Blog Catalog would be sure to be signed in when they do, yet I get added all the time and I’ll go check my sidebar widget and.. NOPE.. they didn’t show up.  So this means they either weren’t signed in (very unlikely) or they’re just adding friends willy nilly all over the place so they can have a zillion friends on there who they never talk to and who’s blogs they never visit (extremely likely).

I don’t think I care for that kind of “socialization”.

Let’s say I’m lonely.  I’m really not, because I have coffeesister and ShadowSillybutt, who is a kitty, but just for the sake of argument let’s say I AM lonely, so I go out to some social function where I can meet HOT BABES people.  I get there, and the room is simply CHOCK FULL of people, all mingling around, shaking hands and conversing.  LOVELY!  I’m going to get to meet LOTS of people!  So, I do just that.. I go from one person to another, walking right up to them and grasping their hands firmly as I look them right in the eyes and say, “HI!  MY NAME IS RHODESTER!”  Then I quickly move on to the next person, and the next.. and the next..

When I get home later that night I write in my diary, “Met lots of people.”

This is kind of how I feel about Blog Catalog.

So today, in a desperate bid to practice being social, I thought I’d actually choose one amongst the minions who add me as a friend in Blog Catalog without actually visiting my blog, and check that particular person out.  I decided to focus on the first notification to pop into my email, and it happened to be this guy..

Hello!  Grahito is now following you on Blog Catalog!  Click here to view Grahito’s profile.

I did that, and found out two things about Grahito.. he’s either 9 years old, or English is not his first language.  I think it’s the latter, because he has a happy tagline that he uses to tell you something about himself and “his country.”  Grahito’s happy tagline reads..

My Country have many problem now, hope that this problem will over in the near future. Economic Crisis, Bomb, Eart Quake, Tsunami, flood, mud-flood and many others. God help us to stop this!

“Well”, I thought, “this should certainly prove to be interesting!  Especially the Eart Quakes and flood.  Not to mention the mud-flood, which is different than your ordinary, run of the mill garden variety flood, no doubt because of all the mud involved.”

I thought all that, and then I saw the blogs he has available.  That’s right.. B-L-O-G-ZZZZ, because he has THREE, and good news!  …they’re all in ENGLISH!

This was a hopeful sign to me, because I was determined to not only become familiar with some NEW blogs, but to get an education.  I hoped like heck that the first blog would be ABOUT something.

GOOD NEWS!  The first blog focuses on a very special topic..

Adhesive Formula


“This blog just collect the adhesive formulation and the tecnology use to build the certain adhesive.”

Cool, huh?  And sticky!  HAR HAR HAR!  I can’t even begin to tell you how exciting it is to add a blog about adhesive to my Google Reader.. I would put it right next to “Fruit Species”, which shows you a different picture of a piece of dissected fruit each day, but that’s just too much excitement.

On to Grahito’s next blog..

Animals World


“Find many animals and their behavior here.”

I was just wondering about the mating practices of the South American Koala Chimp.. I hope it’s in there.

Finally, there’s the last and third blog..

Indonesian Food and Forage


This blog describe about many plant history and special used for, Indonesian food and forage source and others about plant.”

I am so very, very depressed now, and you know why?  Because I have a hard time posting daily to a nonsensical “humor” blog and here’s Grahito, posting to not one, but THREE blogs about Indonesian food sources, Koala Monkey Sex and the bonding strength of adhesive #32 DESPITE a constant barrage of Tsunamis, floods AND mud-floods, not to mention Eart Quakes.

I should be totally and wholly ASHAMED of myself.

And you know what?  I am! I’m SO ashamed, that I’m going straight to Blog Catalog now to turn OFF those notifications, because it’s just too painful.

In more ways than one.

tell the WORLD..
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1 Karen in Floriduh June 14, 2008 at 10:45 pm

My approach is simply to write what I love to write and let people find me willy-nilly. (Plus I can’t figure out widgets…something perhaps from an old Sally Field movie?)

Build it (a website) and they will come (hordes of idle people who want to know a little something about a little something).

1) Go to Staples. 2) Buy an “Easy” button. 3) Push it.

That’s my formula for success. (It also helps to have a myopic and generous beau, whom I also got at Staples.)


2 Scott June 16, 2008 at 2:10 pm

Yup, I do the Blog Catrlog thing (I think you hooked me on it) and I don’t think I’ve found anything interesting on it.

btw chalk should be chock.


3 Formerly Bloggrrl June 18, 2008 at 12:20 am

OMG this is funny!! ROTFLMAO or something like that. I really wish I had thought of this at some point.


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